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Extremely England – Brand spanking new release!


Extremely England – Satirical, farcical, comical fun!

‘Extremely England’ is different to everything I have written up to this point, and is my (somewhat distorted?) current perspective on my country of birth; what it has become, the way it is run and how it is reported on by the media among other things.

When I was young, I was proud to be English and believed England was the centre of the universe! Oh, how we learn as we grow up… Please don’t get me wrong, I am not ashamed to be English, or British, but I now realise that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, the chances are that you are standing right next to an idiot at this very instant.

I hope you enjoy the book , if not, get a sense of humour!

Here is the short synopsis of Extremely England…

A satirical story, ‘Extremely England’ is a naughty novella full of farcical fun! 

Bobby Saint is in line for promotion. He is widely regarded as Britain’s best policeman, as well as being good friends with Mayor Terrence Thatcher, the man to assign the job of ‘Top Copper’ to whom he believes most suitable.   But Harriet Plebb, ex-Big Brother winner and strong candidate to be the next Prime Minister, along with her power-hungry husband, Edwin, a human rights lawyer, has other ideas…

In order to win votes from a certain section of the voting public, the Plebbs blackmail the mayor into giving the job to an unknown candidate of their choice. Due to fear of humiliation and the probability of losing his wonderful wife, the mayor cannot bring himself to spill the beans to his old friend, Bobby.

After some scandalous defamation of his character, the out of favour policeman then has to rely on his hopeless journalist wife, Maggie, and her lay-about brother, Guy, to help him bring down the criminal masterminds and stop the corruption, thus claiming his rightful place at the top of Britain’s Police Force.

Contains rude and crude humour – Not for the easily offended!

‘Extremely England’ is available in Kindle format. Buy it here…

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