Free audio book! “GET CLEAN”

So I’ve decided to upload the audio book version of Get Clean to YouTube. Each of the 26 chapters will be uploaded individually over the next week or so (two or three chapters to be uploaded a day, I think), so please hop on over to YouTube, subscribe to my channel, and listen to my first ever novel being narrated by yours truly, James Ross.

And yes, if once you’ve heard the story and think it’d make a great movie… the script is ready to go, so get in touch! 😉

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Spoken Word Poetry – One Of Those Men


Spoken Word Poetry – ONE OF THOSE MEN

One of those situations when us men get a taste of our own medicine. Told in spoken word poetry.

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Spoken Word Poetry – Refuse To Say Your Name

Spoken Word Poetry – REFUSE TO SAY YOUR NAME

A little something I wrote when thinking of an ex… It’s always better to express how you feel, talk about your emotions, when it comes to dealing with a broken heart. Spoken word poetry is perfectly suited to it. Please subscribe, like and share!

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Short story – The Near-Deads

The Near Deads

Emily Swann, a young and motivated journalist, and her cameraman, Benny, take an exclusive look into the world of Dr. Stein and his private clinic, hidden in the middle of the countryside.
All his patients have been clinically dead and revived, yet none seem to be acting like they have been given an invaluable second chance at life. Benny, feeling uneasy in his surroundings, keeps filming whilst Emily and Dr. Stein develop a strange and almost instant bond.
Why does Emily have such an interest in this place?
For the near-deads, there is never a happy ending.

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Short Film – Heads in the Sand

Short film highlighting the lack of pro-activity shown in the west, in the face of the Islamist threat that rears its ugly head more and more frequently.

I know a short film doesn’t solve this problem before us, but I hope that if enough of us see content such as this film, we will realize that many of us feel the same way, and with greater numbers supporting change with regards to Islam’s role in the west, the powers that be will be forced to do something to protect it’s citizens.

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Short Film – Last Resort

A cheeky short film I made. The short story touches on the financial struggles many of us face in modern times, if not living hand to mouth, struggling to find work. The ending of this short film shouldn’t be taken literally!

Ultimately, this short film is a bit of fun and a way of me getting use to the software and equipment I have on hand.

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Short story – Flowerboy and the Lonely Princess


I have re-edited this short story and it is once again available on Amazon!

It’s short, yet beautiful, contemporary love story. Fate (and the internet) brings two young adults together, who give each other the strength to face their fears and take a leap of faith.

Jesse is a timid, young man, who finds it hard to make friends in the real world, so settles for online friendships instead. One day, with some convincing from Norman, his father, Jesse takes the plunge and asks his online friend to meet in person, only to be rejected.
Annabella already has a real boyfriend, Chris, a moody and selfish man, who over the years has stolen the confidence from his beautiful girlfriend, which is why she finds herself looking for friendship in online communities.
But after one insult too many, Annabella decides to arrange a meeting with Jesse, the only person in her life who seems to care. Only on the day of the meeting she doesn’t show up…

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