I’ve just finished reading a book that blew me away!

God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens, is quite possibly the best book I’ve read. Yes, I do say that after I ‘ve finished most good books, but this time, I think I mean it.

Of course, the subject matter isn’t to everybody’s interest, and those who may be interested may well be offended. The late, great Hitchens certainly didn’t hold back when offering his observations on religion.

I am an atheist, and although I know we should be wary of confirmation bias when reading about subjects like this, I have to agree with ‘The Hitch’ with the evidence-backed assertion that all religions are man-made. Having already watched debates and lectures when Hitchens ran the show, like others such as Dawkins, Harris and Dennett (the Four Horsemen) and Ayaan Hirsi Ali (originally meant to be the fifth horse… rider?), I knew the underlying message to this book before reading it; the title sums it up perfectly.

Just so you know, God did not make man in his image, man-made God in his.

If you ever wanted to write a book that contained great argument, critique and factual information, as well as observations from an outsiders perspective, I thoroughly recommend God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. It really is an eye opener, and the intellect, and carefully crafted argument of the author is nothing short of impressive.



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