Writing, and crying as I go…

So I’m nearly at the end of the first draft of my latest project… and I’ve been blubbering like a hungry baby with a soiled nappy.

Seriously, it’s a sad tale, and whilst writing a few of the chapters I’ve found myself welling up, shedding a few tears and even having to blow my nose!

‘Finding Her Feet’ is a contemporary drama, and if people still used the word ‘tragedy’ as a genre (which doesn’t seem to appear on Amazon, for example, please correct me if I’m wrong), it may well be best suited under that heading.

I needed to take a break from it to be honest, so I thought I’d embarrass myself by giving you guys the chance to read about my failure to be a tough guy and poke fun if you want. I deserve it, I’m a thirty-three year old man, a father, a football man, crying over the words I’m typing into my laptop.

Somebody help me…

Ok, I guess I’ll make a cuppa then get back to it.

Night night… Jams N. Roses.

6 thoughts on “Writing, and crying as I go…

    1. Thanks, Charlotte.
      It is wrong to admit I enjoy crying when I write? Also, I enjoy laughing and smiling as well.
      I think (hope) it’s a good sign for the story too, to play on one’s emotions like that.


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