How I let my life write my novels…

My first published novel ‘Get Clean’ has had a few a sales now, a few good reviews and so far, as a new writer, things are going ok. I’m not breaking any records, but importantly, my books are getting read.

This means so much more to me than perhaps some other writers, as the story is heavily based on me and my experiences. Lots of what fills the pages comes directly from my life, whether it is the descriptions of my tattoos, or the break-up with my long-term girlfriend, or the loss of a child.

Of course, this is a fiction novel, and I wouldn’t be so bold as to say that my life is worthy of a book or a film to be made celebrating it, but I firmly believe that everybody has a little something in their life that’s worth writing down.

We are very interesting, us humans. We are smart and we are dumb, we are brave and scared and weak and strong, all at the same time.

Great stories are often given praise for their believable characters, which is a clear indication that although we love fiction, we want to be able to recognize at least a part of what we read, and this would tend to be the human side of things.

I feel in tune to this as I’m quite an emotional person, not that I’m going to break down in tears when writing this, but I am conscious of my feelings and like to think that I am compassionate to others around me. Again, these give me direct life experiences that I am able to translate into my stories, and because they are ideas or feelings that come from real life, they hold that air of believability.

For me, the emotional journey of a character, his inner motivations and conflicts, is just as important as his outer motivations and conflicts, meaning, ‘how is he coping with it all?’ is just as important to me as the ‘will he get to save the girl?’

My point is that for me, the plot aside, a story is really built up from the characters within it, and we all know enough people, or watch them on television, or read about them in newspapers to have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. The trick is to sift out the boring, and keep those characters that make you laugh, make you cry, keep you entertained or even offend you.

Yes, placing these characters into a plot that works is a skill that is learned and never mastered for most, but it is achievable. Writing a book isn’t easy, writing a good book is even more difficult. Nevertheless, we all have the ingredients to make something pretty special, and the type of life that you lead will clearly dictate as to what genre you write in, in my humble opinion.

After two crime related novels including tales of drug abuse, pain, deceit and murder, maybe things will change for the better in my life. Who knows, if I meet the right person, my next novel may even be a romance!

Buy ‘Get Clean’ here –

Buy ‘Son of a Serial Killer’ here –

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