Extremely England – First draft complete!


After finishing the first draft, as always, I’m thinking about how quickly I can get the latest project out there and in front of as many people as possible, so I can get some wonderful reviews and maybe even a super-fan who decides to stalk me, but that’s ok because she’s hot and experimental and that’s all good until she becomes a little too clingy and asks where I’m going every time I leave the house and then one day she locks me in and I have to escape when she’s sleeping one time and then I change country again.

So I’ve decided to let the new manuscript sit and stew for a few days, and to take my mind away from that plot and those characters before going in for the first edit.

However, that gave me a chance to play with the design for the front cover. I enjoy doing this, although I am not highly trained in graphic design. Saying that, the first two novels’ artwork turned out ok, in my opinion.

Above is my first attempt – What do you think? Any good? Terrible? Please let me know either way, and be honest, don’t worry about hurting my feelings (the chances of me hunting you down are slim to none as I am incredibly lazy).

The novella (too short for a novel, I won’t lie) is a satirical comedy, and I want the cover to reflect both the story and the mood of the narrative. I’ve also emailed an old friend of mine (a graphic designer) to see if he is available to produce something for me on my writer’s budget (£0) – If he doesn’t reply within a fortnight I’ll take that as a ‘no.’

So, as I said above, the word count is too low to be branded as a novel, but that’s ok. The book will be priced accordingly and so should be fine. I doubt if I’ll make a paperback version available though, as the cost of producing the shorter book will mean either the reader/buyer doesn’t get enough for his/her money, or I have to take a loss for each sale (never gonna happen).

I do have ideas for the next in the series of this novella and am not against putting the two novellas together (look at me, talking about the sequel as if it’s a done deal) and selling a decent sized book with two novella-sized stories within in.

That’s about for now – Please, don’t forget to give thoughts/advice/praise regarding my first attempt for the artwork. There is an obvious comment that could be made but I won’t give any clues, I’ll wait to see if anyone spots the ‘deliberate mistake’ or not.

Cheers, Jams N. Roses.

EDIT – Good news! Russell Jones, my graphic designer friend, has agreed to help with the front cover! And in case you’re wondering, although he did say he liked my attempt above, he also noticed the ‘deliberate mistake’ I made. He said it had a ‘Have I got news for you?’ feel about it, which is a satirical quiz show in the UK (for those of you who don’t know it), which is exactly the sort of thing I was going for – I’m not that bad at this designing lark, after all.


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