Great review from a ‘top 1000’ reviewer on Amazon US…

This review is from: Son of a Serial Killer (Kindle Edition)

This was my first time reading anything by this author… He wrote an, excellent, suspenseful, emotional, psychological/thriller… A twisted, yet believable plot. Great character development, where you actually feel the mental anguish, guilt, heart broken pain and confusion, throughout the entire story… Perfect depiction of mental illness, that can run through family bloodlines… All wrapped up into a very shocking ending…

Detective Summer’s and Kite, have been trying to capture the elusive serial killer, “the Phantom” for years, but he never leaves one clue at the scene of the crime. All of a sudden, there is now an increase of deaths in the city. Is it the “Phantom”, a copy cat, or possibly even two killers now.? The detectives are running out of time…

Ben Green, is a young man that’s been distraught and depressed over his fathers strange death, that certain witnesses claim, Graham Green, threw himself in front of the bus. On top of that Ben loses his job, walks in on his girlfriend cheating and gets to feel warm blood on his hands. When the day just can’t get any worse, his mentally ill mother, summons him to their home and reveals, a terrifying, shocking secret.This ultimately, plunges Ben, into the darkest depths of anger and evil.

So, of course by now Ben is teetering on the edge and now hearing voices. Everyone surrounding him are either sociopaths, or psychopaths. So many, you will never be able to guess who the “Phantom” killer is, until the very last page…

It’s confusing be the “Son of a Serial Killer”…..

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