Manuscript Submission Cover Letter

Dear Literary Agent,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I write to you.

I have chosen to submit my manuscript to you after reviewing your website (for three minutes), and believe you are the literary agency (among many others receiving this very email) that I need to move my projects forward.

This is my first novel (should I have told you that?), although I have experience of writing screenplays (none of which were successful, hence this email to you), of which I have had great feedback (from my mother), kit pledges (from a mate), and actors interested (some guy who did two episodes in Eastenders) in playing certain roles (and a big fat silence after initial interest).

I have attached a sample of my work (may as well be written in hieroglyphics such are the chances you’ll actually read it) and would love to hear your opinion on how best to take things forward (sticking to the day job is no longer an option, I quit when I finished my first draft).

I look forward to your timely (six months?) response,

Jams N. Roses

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