First blog post!

Ok, so this is the first posting on my new blog! I’m going to keep it short and sweet, very much like myself, as I really just want to get it out of the way, get over the nerves and move on swiftly.

I am a fiction writer, and so far have two novels and a couple of short stories self-published on Amazon. Reviews thus far have been positive, which is always encouraging, especially to someone such as myself, who has received no formal training other than English lessons back at school.

But please don’t let you put you off, it’s been years since I first penned a screenplay, which eventually got novelized, and so I’m not just throwing words onto a page and claiming it all just came together. I work hard, spending time on my plots and characters and realise that one bad review is enough to put an early ending to any aspiring writer’s career – so I won’t risk putting any old nonsense out there (except for in this blog maybe!).

I’m probably going to talk a lot about the struggles of a new writer breaking into the book-selling world, I will share my lucky breaks and also the silly mistakes that I make along the way, and also a bit about the books and films I have enjoyed, or disliked for various reasons, which’ll give you an idea as to what makes me tick, and the sorts of things I am likely to write about.

I love the creation of stories, and although I spend days and weeks and months working on a plot, it’s the emotions of my characters that I really enjoy delving into.

I am a big film fan, and would have to admit that I have an eye of the ‘filmability’ of my stories when writing them. One day… maybe…

You can also follow me on twitter, with updates on upcoming releases and also a little humour based on current affairs and so forth… @JamsNRoses

Or visit my author page on Amazon here…

Speak again soon…


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